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Narrow path sometimes linking streets at different heights.
West Wynd, Calman's Wynd, Bruce's Wynd, School Wynd, Water Wynd and Cove Wynd (from wikipedia)
by sunberry January 24, 2007
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wynd; why you not dab
in responce to somebody who did some sort of accomplishment w/o an ensuing dab
or just in reply to a random photo where not much is happened
random instagram of friend not doing very much
comment: wynd bruh!?
by Lavaban September 24, 2017
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1. To be like "Wynd", one must show no signs of intelligent life.

2. To be like "Wynd", one must first achieve the peak of stupidity.

3. See n00b or failure at life.
Wynd: LIEK j00 theenk ur cool but ur nawt!

D_R: The only thing you can do that even BEGINS to resemble debating is wank. After all, we all know you've mastered the art of "bating".

by D_R d00d '>_> December 07, 2006
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