when a male or female has a good or bad ability to ride(fuck) anotha person(preferably of da opposite sex) at a good steady pace
1. Man dis one bitch had mad "stroke game" las nite.
2. Girl i was wit Antoine last nite and his "stroke game" was helly good.
3. Aye Shaun i was wit Shari las nite and nigga her "stroke game" wasn't all dat good.
by September Rush August 8, 2009
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refers to the ability in which a man engages a warm cavity of another.
girl i was wit this nigga last night, and his "stroke game" was on point!
by Deadlyrice May 13, 2003
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Stroke game required
Stroke game required
by Tiny420 April 21, 2021
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When a mans stroke (penis penetration) is just weak and unsatisfactory. In his mind he believes he is the man and continuously asks "Who's pussy is it"... The woman or man will then reply "NOT yours boo" . The sex is worse than watching paint dry....
Girl I let him hit but he has a weak stroke game!
by TooHottyForYourBody November 29, 2013
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