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Rotflmao is a word used by those who repeatedly hear the acronym " LOL " and find it extremely monotonous.

Rotflmao was created by 3 fat men at a pub in bournemouth, England upon watching their dear fat friend jim rolling on the floor laughing his ass off at a joke made by fat friend jeff.
jeff: " me "trouble and strife" (wife)is sooooo ugly"

bill: "ROTFLMAO"
by jimmeny cricket January 06, 2004
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Oban's secret lover in the modern, urban play "affair of the long winded."

In the story, Drak becomes jealous of Oban's empathetic skills toward politicians and commits suicide as a passive aggressive way of showing his bitter disposition.
"In a sweeping gesture, Oban conducts the crowd to line-up with Drak's counterparts."(I.h.12-14)
by jimmeny cricket January 19, 2005
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The squished together slang word "wassup," also known as (wussup, wassssssssssssssup, wosssssssssssssup) and others originally stemming from the words " what is up " either meaning (how are you), (what are you doing) or even both at the same time.

Time went by, and the expression "what is up" became too long to say, type and text for the average lazy person. Therefore wassssssssup was invented.

Following this point, budweiser took this idea and made it their international slogan used on adverts, said by various strange frog people.

WASSSSSSSSSUP was then the word of the world and everyone, wherever they were, whether in an igloo in iceland, or in a whole in tikrit, (iraq), or in a cave in afghanistan, or even in some shitty trailer park in America, or Buckingham palace everyone could say "wassssssssup" without necesarilly understanding it.
daniel: " wassssssssssssssssssssup?"
alex: " not much, you?"
by jimmeny cricket January 06, 2004
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