A large classification of Chinese martial arts that exibit flexibility, agility, and skill. It is a classified as a type of gung-fu, the moron who wrote the last definition is truely an idiot.
The moron who wrote the last definition of wushu is an ignoramous (Imperial Spelling used by us Canadians).
by Expert of Martial Arts May 25, 2005
Wushu is chinese for martial art, People get confused with kung fu wich just means skill in anything
A baker that has skill in making bread has much kung fu

Wushu is chinese for martial art
by Timmo July 31, 2006
The Chinese word for martial arts.
As opposed to kung fu.
Neo should have said "I know wushu".
by Bladen June 4, 2003
flips turns twists kicks sweeps punches JUST PLAIN OLE' COOL
and it IS a sport
ariel butterfly tornado lotus sweep punch, to see examples, go to www.wushuonefamily.com and d/l trailers on the right
by WushuOnTheDouble December 16, 2003
Fairly new but used in Jamaica to express the level of hype or swag.
Yoo my yute mi wushu Buk!

yooo the dog bark loud eeh!..yeh him wushu buk

yo bro yu wushu low!
by zeediat January 15, 2011
A type of Chinese martial arts farting that requires highly athletic virtuosity and a keen dramatic flair.
When I was in the seventh grade, my father and my grandma taught me and my friends Wushu farting, a potentially dangerous art form reminiscent of the classic film, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” something that’s been passed down through many generations in my family!
by Dr Bunnygirl July 13, 2021
when your dick is so small that you have to use 2 or 3 fingers to jerk off
Hes dick was so small that he used the wushu finger hold
by Dickwad91169 December 20, 2020