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Wumbling: the action of grabbing or gently gripping another's cheeks, stomach or bottom, before gently vibrating it from side to side with either your hands or, in exceptional conditions, your mouth. Colloquial derivative from the English, 'to womble'.
'Y' lay quietly and peacefully on the bed. Her boyfriend, 'T', blustered stridently through the door before climbing on top of her, pulling up her cotton jumper, before wumbling her belly.

'Crikey Jack, Ieuan's wumbling the neighbours dog again!'

Or from the song:

'Wumble on. Wumble oon. Without, the need to fart, for you'll never wumble alone - you'll neever wumble, alone'. (circa 1954).
by Trevor Cuntablast December 05, 2013
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