The true hero and mascot of Discord. Sometimes trips over cables and causes parts of Discord to go offline.
"Wumpus tripped during his morning cereal run," @discordapp tweeted.
by discord is my city August 12, 2018
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1. A chracter who hides in a grid from the game "Hunt the Wumpus"

2. A mascot for Discord

3. Part of the Discord hypesquad lore, a mythical creature wich was awaken to destroy The Great Evil Spirit
(source: the "Discord" youtube channel)
1. I found the Wumpus!
2. A: Woah the mascot for discord looks sick! B: Ikr, did you know it's called a Wumpus?
by Lavodan August 17, 2018
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A fictional creature who hides in a digital grid, and gives you only a few chances to find him.
by Brandon Foltz August 9, 2006
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*You have no added friends... Here's a Wumpus.*
by AcidityBM November 20, 2020
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The back part of the head where a bump is found.
Jareds wumpus is huge.
by Jake Brodsky August 19, 2005
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"Did you see how Kevin was all over that girl?"

"Man he is such a wumpus"
by The Wumpmeister April 8, 2014
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The little bump on a man's inner thigh that is sensitive to touch and can cause romantic feelings to be aimed the the toucher.
Listen, if you want a man to fall for you, you've got to touch his wumpus.

To catch a lover, wumpus him.
by lulufluff May 19, 2014
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