A person who inhabits trashcans, poops in the yard (Wubby poop is often mistaken for dog poop), drinks cups of pee (a Wubby would consider such to be apple juice, as the Wubby is easily fooled), and rides razor scooters while being at least half naked (the lower half) at all times.

In determining a Wubby, you can also use 3rd party variables, such as members of it's family or household, including, but not limited to:
1. A fat mother
2. No father
3. A deaf brother or sister that fantasizes that he or she is part of an all female pop group, i.e. The SpiceGirls.

4. A soiled couch
I hate Wubby s, they're always popping out of trashcans when you least expect it.
by Cougar creed breaker August 03, 2010
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One who insists on calling animals by silly or overly cute-sounding names.

Derived from the use of "wubby" to describe or name a cute animal.
My sister is such a wubby, she keeps calling the dog schnookums.
by Publicencyclopeidasaresilly January 11, 2012
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1.A penis that has been transplanted to a woman getting a sex change.

2.slang term for a douchebag
1.holy crap! you have a wubby?! which means you used to be a girl?! What a coincidence!

2. my god, you are such a freakin' wubby!
by woodstock is green! June 22, 2009
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A penis after leaving cold water, very shrunken and small.
Babe I swear, I'm not this small, I just went swimming in the pacific ocean and I have a Wubby52
by JoeyBustaCap September 06, 2016
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