An acronynm for "what the fuck is this shit". However, it is not used that often. Usually used when instant messaging. Also look at wtfiw
<Coolio> wtfits
<Kewlio> wtfiw
by Alec the Great December 19, 2004
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"I think I'm gonna go skiing"
"It's a sport which many people practise and you do it in snow!"
by Rio Comesaña November 20, 2007
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The abbreviation of the term: "What The Fuck Is This Shit!"

Used on the internet - Cool
In real life - Real frikin' loser
Boss: Johnson is that report ready?
Johnson: Yes sir, here you go.
Johnson: Oh STFU I was up to all hours doing your wife last night.
by 3dmikey August 10, 2008
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addition to the famous wtf.

wtf is that

what the fuck is that

usually a question: wtfit?
omg! wtfit?!!?!?!?!?!?

oh my god! what the fuck is that?
by nsm November 27, 2004
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Texting/online posting acronym for "Who The Fuck Is This?"

Used ideally when a text is received from an unknown number.
unknown number: " hey man, it's been a while. how are you doing?"


unknown number: "????"

Me: "Who the fuck is this?!!
by jcodes April 28, 2017
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Who The Fuck Is That?
Tweetie 1: I'm following @harveylevintmz
Tweetie 2: WTFIT?
Tweetie 1: Some Random Guy.
Tweetie 2: Oh
by NoFX_Fan April 29, 2009
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