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an alternative reference for the 'weed man' or person who sells marijuana. Derives from Nancy Botwin's character in the Showtime comedy "Weeds".
Hey man, do you know any Nancy B's?
by jcodes October 24, 2010
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Is a vibe/mood combination of chill and hype
"This playlist is madd chlype, yo"
by jcodes August 1, 2018
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a child that was conceived during corona virus quarantine
''Yeah, me and my two sets of twin sisters; we're all corona kids.''
"My parents only have corona kids.''
by jcodes March 13, 2020
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Texting/online posting acronym for "Who The Fuck Is This?"

Used ideally when a text is received from an unknown number.
unknown number: " hey man, it's been a while. how are you doing?"


unknown number: "????"

Me: "Who the fuck is this?!!
by jcodes April 28, 2017
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