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short for - (j)ust (a)nother (l)amer
common term on it/online/internet/irc discussions chatrooms, irc and other areas of the virutal world.
you dont need any more of those JALs, nor do you??
by nsm November 23, 2004
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short for for t-online or tonline.

tonline is for germany, what aol is for america. worst crap isp in germany that exists. owned and operated by the german incumbent monopolist called dtag, or deutsche telekom. they suck even more.
also known as toffline, t-error. their mother company dtag thinks they own all the german words that start or contain the letter "T". fuck this company for good. fuck dtag and toffline!
by nsm November 24, 2003
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spammers mass transfer protocol.
spam as in spam, uce, chainletters, scam.
used to be known as "simple mail transfer protocol" until them spammers too over
you need a spam example? bet NOT :)
by nsm September 5, 2003
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addition to the famous wtf.

wtf is that

what the fuck is that

usually a question: wtfit?
omg! wtfit?!!?!?!?!?!?

oh my god! what the fuck is that?
by nsm November 27, 2004
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