Player1:Omg OMG omG ! I made level 10415!!
Player2: wtfc?
by Assistend February 25, 2004
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Internet acronym for "Who The Fuck Cares" though as internet acronyms go the meaning may vary from person to person thus preferably use it in a community that knows what you mean.
by LeetBob November 24, 2009
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wtfc - what the fuck chuck
An extension of "wtf".
"wtfc" is used when a normal "wtf" is not sufficient when expressing exasperation, suprise, or anger at a situation.
i had to wake up at 5 this morning to go do volunteer work. wtfc.
by dan December 13, 2003
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A derivative of the popular wtf (or "what the fuck?"). wtfc goes a step further by adding the word "cunt" on to the end of the original exclamation, making the exclamation seem more urgent. The comedic quality is in the fact that you are referring to the person you are conversing with as a cunt.
Fun to say to girls you may - or may not - know.
"I railed another porker last night."
by Jimmyswell August 18, 2007
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shortcut for "who the fuck cares" used when you put something you know you're the only one that cares about and you ask yourself or the person you're talking about the thing with "wtfc"
Can also be used as a question to the person that you in fact don't care about.
Who the fuck cares about your video?

Wtfc about your video?
by Ch3stnut April 13, 2016
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a popular derivative of WTF.
adding the word "charles" after it.
first started after the popular "IM THE JUGGERNAUGHT, BITCH" cartoon on youtube.

*guy turns into a crab and crawls into the ocean*

*witness* -WTFC!?!??
by Thaniel March 4, 2009
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The acronym stands for Who The Fuck Cares? Second definition stands for What The Fuck Chuck?
"I just won Brittany Spear's Used Gum on Ebay..."

Second definition:

"I just slept with your momma!'
by rrspyke October 20, 2009
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