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An individual male or female,that is without concience and has severe social disorders.
These can appear in booze and boot abuse (usually combined)and are normally associated with bizarre sexual behaviour, ridiculous dancing,and severe bouts of wanking often in public and hotel balconies,and constant references to anything anal such as fucking butt and bum wee.....
She loves it up the shitter that bint is a total wrongun
by Chris and Stan September 23, 2004
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Brit slang for a dangerous person with a screw loose. Someone that could actually do some damage, not some harmless happy go lucky wanker.
"Fuck me rigid, Frankie Four Fingers is a right fucking Wrong 'Un. He peeled off Jimmy The Greek's fucking kneecaps with a claw hammer just 'cos he looked at 'is Old Lady funny".
by Satandog March 25, 2006
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A person who has evidently sacrificed his/her soul to the god of hedonism.
That guy's a complete wrong'un, he takes cocaine for breakfast.
by gaolferry April 14, 2009
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A wrong 'un is a phrase used to describe someone or an action someone has undertaken that you disapprove of. It is not offensive merely an expression. Probably originates from the Midlands in England.
Billy-Bob ''I did 4 grams of coke last night!''
Jimmy-Joe ''You're a wrong 'un, you are!''
by INeedPRN May 26, 2008
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anyone who succeeds in disgracing/over indulging themselves in the throws of clubland
28 hours and 4 clubs later, gurning for england but still refusing to go home - a total wrongun!!
by bevvers March 19, 2007
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(noun) The arse-hole.
(As a verb) Anal sex

See also, "Dry wrong-un," meaning "dry anal sex"

"Oh, yeah! Go up my wrong-un, baby!"
"You know I like (dry) wrong-un, Scotty!"
by Bean-o April 30, 2003
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