An individual male or female,that is without concience and has severe social disorders.
These can appear in booze and boot abuse (usually combined)and are normally associated with bizarre sexual behaviour, ridiculous dancing,and severe bouts of wanking often in public and hotel balconies,and constant references to anything anal such as fucking butt and bum wee.....
She loves it up the shitter that bint is a total wrongun
by Chris and Stan September 23, 2004
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''She takes it up the wrongun''
by Suzyfluzi January 10, 2006
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anyone who succeeds in disgracing/over indulging themselves in the throws of clubland
28 hours and 4 clubs later, gurning for england but still refusing to go home - a total wrongun!!
by bevvers March 19, 2007
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the act of a man sticking his "thingy" in a chicks shitter if he's one lucky son of a bitch for havin a mrs that lets him get away with that sorta thang !!

God intended for women to take it up the arse avery once in a while or he never woulda put the 2 holes that close together that us blokes could make the mistake in the first place
Wendy: i think my arse grapes are playing up again
Snarfy: nvm, let me do you up the wrongun n poke em back in with my "thingy"
by Snarfy June 8, 2009
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Anal sex. From 'up the wrong one' in reference to the anus as opposed to the vagina.
She takes it up the wrong'in
by JC October 20, 2004
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