That feeling you get when you have a cold or allergies coming on, and your nose is starting to feel stuffed up.
"The ragweed must be harsh, I'm feeling all Snarfy"
by Lockdi April 18, 2013
Cute scrunched up snotty little face.
That kitten has a little Snarfy face!
by Terrah April 11, 2018
Rude, sarcastic, angry, impatient, defensive...
Fred got really snarfy with me today when I mentioned that he still owes me money...
by Ironozzy July 11, 2018
An overcast, possibly rainy day with temperature in the mid to high 50s, weather just bad enough to put your top up. Often found in the Northwestern region of the United States.
Chris walking in to his office and seeing the weather outside says "man, it looks snarfy out there"
by Ava b-24 May 2, 2007
You didn't have to be so snarfy
by Nicole January 3, 2005
1. womanizer, fuckwit. guy with questionable integrity when it comes to women.
2. English Bulldog
3. Dog/Pig hybrid
That guy is definitely a snarfy.
He was being a total snarf!
Watch out for snarfy behavior!
Well, I guess I knew going in that he was snarfy.

by queequeg0925 January 18, 2009
Whoa, that girl snarfies so much, i think she lost all her brain cells!
by Zoeizbitchn' May 22, 2009