a member of a message board who is just there. No one knows why, but they are just cool and go with the flow. There's no drama with arias
Threadmaster: Who likes pie?!
Troll: ur m0mm@ lolololol
arias: me, I like pie.
by EYEamSAM May 20, 2009
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An amazing person . Who will always be thier for u and will do her best to make u happy and smile . She is the most amazing person you could ever want in your life . She's fun to be around and talk to . She will change your life n make it so much better . Shes the most amazing person ever
Aria is my bestie for the restie and I love her so much
by Sunshine 12345 May 22, 2016
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A girl with the name aria is one of the most amazing person you will ever know she’ll be therefor you through the good and the bad and will do almost anything to make you feel better even when she feels like crap herself
by Skater19 March 24, 2019
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the most loving and utmost amazing girl you will ever find. she is intelligent, funny, gorgeous, caring and has the best personality that can ever be found. i love her to the moon and back and wouldn't trade the world for her.
"I wish I would've gotten with Aria during track season."
by Her Forever November 11, 2018
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Aria's are some of the coolest people that you will ever meet, they're hilarious, intelligent and gorgeous. Everyone wants to be their friend because they're so welcoming and they give soooooooo many second chances but they get salty real quick so don't cross them. Everyone that doesn't like them hates them because they're so loved and they're not soooo.
Aria really showed those bullies back their
She is such an Aria
That girl over there would be bffs with Aria
by no tea no shade no lemonade February 11, 2019
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aria is an angel. if you ever meet an aria keep her and dont let her get hurt, she cares about you a lot even if she doesnt show it. take care of her, she has a lot of power shes unaware of. if you are dating an aria she is probably the best girlfriend you are ever going to get. she would do anything for you and is so sweet but you have to remind her that shes worthly and loved. if you ever make her upset she will always overthink so you need to be kind and gentle with her, shes very sensitive.
oh yes aria is the best, youll never want to let go of her
by clubpenguingirl November 13, 2020
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aria is a super sweet girl. She's rare and unique. She loves doodling and minding her own business but if you ever need her she'll be there. She's extremely beautiful but would never consider modelling, aria's usually become actors, photographers or authors. She usually goes for guys with the name, Grayson, Jake & Luke and goes for girls with the name, emma, Kylie & Ava. If you ever end up dating an aria bitch you better hold on to her. She'll usually have dark hair with green or brown eyes.
Girl: There's aria

Boy: Is she single?
Girl: You wish
by Grethanisthebettership January 7, 2019
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