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a member of a message board who is just there. No one knows why, but they are just cool and go with the flow. There's no drama with arias
Threadmaster: Who likes pie?!
Troll: ur m0mm@ lolololol
arias: me, I like pie.
by EYEamSAM May 20, 2009
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When a conversation or meeting goes past the point of being productive, or having a conservation or meeting ect. for no reason because the information is obvious and known to all parties involved.
"Why did you come late to the party last night"?
"I didn't want to. My boss went all arias on us again!"
"Not again!"
"Yeah. I don't know what his problem is with having these long, drawn out meetings when everyone already knows the information."
by abstract loco April 20, 2013
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