To be either extremely tired, high, or spaced out or zoned into something to the point where you are able to stare at the wall for hours and enjoy it.
"We gunna get stuck tonight." or
"That girls ass was so fine i was stuck" or
"I was so tired last night, i was more stuck than a paraplegic" or the more famous "She started to rub my penis and i got stuck"
by Wally B 84 August 19, 2011
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So high on crack or meth, thet you can't think or speak.
That domer got me so high, I wuz stuck. I couldn't say nuttin to dat hottie
by jiz November 16, 2004
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nigga you about to get stuck, stole, and snuck
by random_scrub October 23, 2003
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When somebody catches you in a lie or situation that you cannot get out of or play off successfully, usually resulting in you looking very dumb.
People often end up "Stuck" in arguments, when the other person makes an irrefutable and dangerously valid point.
Girl: " When I asked you where you were last night, you said you were at home.. but I saw you on someone's Snapchat story getting a lapdance at a party. Make that make sense"

Boy: "uh.. what had happened was..see I was.. It wasnt even like that tho-"
Girl: "mmn-hm.. yeah, you real stuck huh."
by L.CM11 March 9, 2020
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When someone roasted you and you can't comeback with anything.
"Bruh Sabrina just got called a slut and now she stuck."
by Tha_Savage_King_69 March 31, 2016
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