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Words Per Minute
A measurement of how fast you can type. A word is defined as 5 characters. Thus, cpm ÷ 5 = wpm

People unable to touch type usually type at 40wpm or less.
Slower touch typists type at 60wpm.
A speed of approximately 82wpm is required for dictation.
The fastest touch typists can achieve speeds of over 200wpm.
I can type at 80wpm!
by May 25, 2006
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white people music. music that was made for the white american race yet still can be enjoyed by any ear in the right situation. its characteristics include story telling, american pastimes, campfires, drinking, meanings so difficult you can't decide if it actually means anything
(Asking a black or latino)
Q: Isn't this song just the best?
A: I don't know if I've heard it.
Q: Are you crazy? Its a classic! My mom's fav song ever.
A: Its wpm. I like it, but only when I'm with you.

flying horses-the dispatch, any dave matthews band song, O.A.R. jam bands
by drummaboy41 February 2, 2012
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a measure of how much of a nerd you are.
Hacker - 150 wpm
World of Warcraft player - 120 wpm
Hardworking Student - 100 wpm
Average person - 60 wpm
Athlete - 40 wpm
Guitar player - 20 wpm
by haxx0rkid May 10, 2009
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The abbreviation for "Words Per Minute". This term is used to descriminate shitty Roblox roleplayers who don't have a high WPM so they spam "I slug his jaw" so the victim would get pissed.
Example 1:

shitty roleplayer: "i sugl hsi jwa"
roleplayer 1: "((OOC
roleplayer 1: "((lol imagine using 'i slug his jaw' for a high WPM rate"
roleplayer 2: "((haha ####### loser imagine"
roleplayer 3: "I'd walked up to the conversation. ' ' What's going on here? ' '"
shitty roleplayer: "###### this game.))"

Example 2:

Person 1: "speedtypers probably think their WPM is 100"
Person 2: "yeah lol"
by roboblitz January 6, 2022
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WPM stands for Wags Per Minute, and is used to measure a dogs happiness.
Wow this dog is at 32 WPM. He must be very happy!
by Brodosh October 24, 2016
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Weight: proprational male

used by some in posts for sex partners.
WPM = male close to right size for there height not fat not skinny
not a hard body but not flabby either
by driveshaft August 26, 2009
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