When the girl you are fucking tells you to go slower cuz your dick is so big

, hard and ginormous she cant take it......
Mhmmm~ daddy slower your too big
by Big daddy you pog April 30, 2021
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I was being too productive at work today so I slowered my working pace
by nebbul November 9, 2016
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The act of making or doing something from a faster pace to a slower pace by either a general or specific movement.
&& Gradually reduce more && more speed.
When I was riding his cock he told me that if I rode him faster he was gonna bust. So thus I began slowering my pelvic thrusting.
by Princess flawlessly gorgeous November 17, 2018
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Slower Dauphin is another word for Lower Dauphin High School in Hummelstown, PA. It is the worst school anyone could possibly go to. there's always some kind of disgustingness going on there. whether it be people having sex in the bathroom, drug busts, or just plain stupidity. When people say they are going to fight someone they don't. People think they're tough shit because they can say someone about them over facebook or twitter. Teachers give you detentions for no reason. The principals don't know what's going on in the school. The football team is horrible and haven't won since... well ever. The cookies are only cooked for about 5 minutes giving you terminal illness. The nurses wouldn't send you home if your arm was falling off. And the teachers tend to "lose" homework even though you handed it in causing you to get a zero for the assignment.
*In a job interview*

Interviewer: So where did you go to school?

Joe: I attended lower dauphin

Interviewer: Oh, slower dauphin! That school sucks ass! No way in hell you're getting a job here.
by HowYouLikeMeNowMotherFuckaaa December 21, 2011
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The southern portion of Delaware that is separated from the northern portion of Delaware by the C & D Canal. The residents tend to be much more conservative then the progressive residents north of the canal.
Delaware is a liberal state, except for those rednecks in slower lower.
by 12 Mile Circle September 15, 2010
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Sussex County, Delaware. Delaware down under. Where the water is fresh, the deer run wild, the beaches are hot, the farmers take life slow and easy with no worries. Its the perfect mix of southern hospitality and northern intelligence. Its where all the original delawarians live!
No place like home. Sweet Slower Lower.
by JiggaLowe February 13, 2005
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Any area south of the Driscoll Bridge of the Garden State Parkway and/or the Route 1 Corridor to TRENTON.

People below this area are definitely “DIFFERENT” than North Jersey people. Usually found to be racist inbred, lower class, red necks who drive raised pick up trucks, and enjoy many different types of Beastiality.

They claim “Jersey” as their home butmin reality, they are not welcome here.
Look at all these Slower Jersey fucks with their raised pick up trucks.
by Mr BigStuff2 May 8, 2018
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