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It's a short from WriteProcessMemory used in programming languages to manipulate the other processes memory.
<loler> I'm looking for a WPM tutorial.
<nub> Wtf is WPM?
<huso> WriteProcessMemory
by randomnub1337 May 12, 2008
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An acronym for Wet Panties Mondays. Just like popular hashtag acronym #tbt, #wpm is used by women to let their Facebook friends know their undergarments are moist from being particularly aroused on Monday.
Billy : Jenny's status is #wpm - wtf does that mean??
Jack: Maybe she's a fast typer, as in words per minute. Must be looking for some secretary job..
Jill: Nope, just means she's wet.. Today is Monday.. It's Wet Panties Monday... Fuck, I'm so jealous she has #wpm!!
by saila October 6, 2014
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Alfred: Bro you pull no bitches...
by CUMSE July 13, 2022
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WPM (Wanks Per Minute) The state in which shows how fast you can wank that lil’ willy of yours without stopping but more so increasing the rate you are going at.
Ramzy: Yo dude how fking fast can yah crank that “willy” of yours?
Cola: Haha! I can whip it and hit a jerk rate of 300 WPM full force!!

Ramzy: Holy shit!
by Ramzys_Baguette March 29, 2021
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