(n) a racial slur for an Italian or person of Italian heritage. It is often said that this term comes from "With Out Papers" or "Working On Pavement," but it actually comes from the Italian word "guappo", meaning a swaggerer, pimp, or ruffian.
Fuck all those definitions that say wop is a drink. The only time I've heard some one use the word is as an ethnic slur, and usually at me.
by New Jack Swing November 12, 2005
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WOP” is the English pronunciation of the Ital-Neapolitan word “GUAPPO”. The word defines those who belong to the Guapperia o “Camorra”, a criminal organization similar to the Sicilian Mafia located mostly in the province of Campania (an Italian Province) and its capital Napoli, Italia. The term is still commonly used especially in Central-South Italy (Meridione) to describe those that either belong to the organization or those that are arrogant to the point of inducing a fight. It was brought to the USA by early Italian immigrants from the province of Campania who named those suspected to belonging to the Guapperia “Guappi”, in a similar fashion the Sicilians used the term “Mafiosi”. Widely used in Chicago where most immigrants from Campania settled, one of its native sons Al Capone was a typical Guappo, it was confused by the non Italian population to indicate people of Italian origins, similarly the word “Paesano”. The term has been erroneously explained to mean “Without Papers” because of the initials “WP” by those, Italian descent or not, that have little knowledge of Italian history and dialects. The term has taken a derogatory meaning in North America and for many refers to people of Italian origin or background.
You are a real “wop”, meaning you are arrogant
by uberrimus May 09, 2006
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An epithet used for those of Italian descent. WOP stands for WithOut Papers. Many Italian immigrants had no papers to identify themselves and were branded as WOPs.
by Anonymous January 24, 2003
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Toronto slang for a "customer", specifically a customer who is willing to buy drugs. Derived from the word "chop" which means "drug transaction", a wop is the client who receives the drugs in exchange for money.

Very often confused with the word wop which is a racist derogatory term towards Italian people.
Jake: Yeooo, wagwan broski?
Thomas: Naw much man, just chopping these rocks.
Jake: Did you chop to that bucktee around the corner?
Thomas: Yeah fam, I made that wop this afternoon. Fiend took a hit and got lockjaw.
by August 18, 2018
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an ethnic slur toward people of italian descent
If you call me a wop, or a dego or anything that has to do with pizza my uncle Tony'll beat your ass with a lead pipe.
by John Milanese June 05, 2006
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