Noun that derives from the Spanish guapo meaning confident, bold, or stylish.
1) Originally, a term used in Southern Italy to describe a person that dressed really flashy & stylish(similar to the slang term for "pimp") & was an "outlaw" or "criminal" but lived by his own moral code and was idealistic & freethinking against the norms of other organized criminals like the "comorra". There's historical reference to people like this.
2) a person of Italian descent involved in organized crime similar to mafioso
3) a person who is arrogant & cocky and a gangster or hoodlum usually of Italian descent
4) Modern day: Directly referring to a member of the Comorra or comorrista

5) Someone who is arrogant and thinks their a boss or gangster but really isn't
6) shortened to "Wop" meaning arrogant & bull-headed Italian American that you could easily stir up & piss off to make them want to fight
Disrespect a guappo and you might end up at the bottom of a lake with your feet tied to a brick.
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1) derogatory term used for a italian grape picker in spain
2) a word used as a sign of affection between spanish and latin american men
"you fuckign guappo.. go pick some grapes!!"
"Ite guappo"
"oooh guappo its so big
by SHAUN PALMER July 9, 2006
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Guappo (plural: guappi) is a historical Southern Italian criminal subculture and informal term of address in the Neapolitan language, roughly analogous to or meaning thug, swaggerer, pimp, braggart, or ruffian.
Sir Guappo: “Yeah, bitch, I’m a Guappo and I’m really with the shits.”
by MistaHeadKrakkaFrm7Block March 26, 2022
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It is the act of dude pissing btwn a chicks legs while she is taking a dump on the toilet. Then when he is done whizzing she proceeds to give him a bj...while still taking a dump.
Oh yeah that girl I meet last night was a FREAK. She wanted to go in the bathroom and give me a guappo treskow.
by KevinDaKing August 22, 2007
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A filthy Mexican mobster wannabe. Generally found at clubs.
Look at El-Guappo there hitting on that chick
by Paul May 7, 2004
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