A strange man who is like a brother to many and and an enemy to some. He is usually found drunk on the floor or skinny dipping in dams. Related to the Sasquach or Bigfoot
"Oh my god its Bigfoot..."

"No, its just a Woofa"


Known to say:
"Its anarchy man"
"Total Chaos"
by Paddy 'O' Furnisher September 08, 2004
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Originally an urban contractaction for "...worth of gas", it has since come to mean a gas station that does not accept credit cards for "pay at the pump" transactions, you must go in to pay for it. Many (not all) woofa gas stations are cash only, no credit cards accepted at all. Most gas stations that accept credit cards allow you to pay at the pump. Most woofa gas stations are generic independents, not showing any brand name.
Original meaning: "Give me five bucks woofa gas."
Current meaning: "I can't get gas there - I don't have any cash on me and that place is woofa gas."
by Old Radio Collector September 02, 2006
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