To beat an opponant comfortably. In soccer terms, its equivelent to a goal difference of 4 between teams.
'haha,you got taken to the woodshed!!! '
'lol he got woodsheded!'
by theMaddog October 13, 2005
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Jazz musicians call the hard work of improvising being in the woodshed. To aid these skills they copy and memorize the jazz solos of the masters and experiment with their own ideas.
Her best musical ideas came after spending hours woodshedding.
by Bruce Miller December 04, 2003
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To practice one's instrument. It is a term that comes from jazz culture. It originated from drumset practice due to the fact that drum sticks, after hours of playing, start to flake off small bits of wood (usually covering the floor around the drumset). This is reffered to as woodshedding. Although it originated as a drumming term, it is commonly used for any instrument. A shortened form of the word is shedding. Also, people generally refer to a place of practice as a woodshed or a shed.
Roy sound great. He's been woodsheddin' lately.

I sound like shit. I gotta hit the shed.

This gig coming up is pretty tough. I'd have to shed my parts.
by Howie Gordon October 30, 2005
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To store up ideas, experiences, pantry food for future use.
Using a tape recorder she woodsheds song ideas and melodies to work on later.
by Bruce Miller December 04, 2003
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Where Broncos fans go to cry while the rest of the AFC West watches and laughs.
Bronco fan goes to woodshed in preparation for the ultimate goal of the basement.
by The Fighting Amish November 15, 2020
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