The woodshed is the coolest place in America. For most of the year, the shed’s function is storing wood or possibly curing tobacco, but for a period of about two weeks it is emptied.

During this time, the shed can be used for throwing parties involving playing pong with 9loko.

A flaw of the woodshed is it’s thin roof which allows sound to easily escape and piss off anyone too lame or stupid to be in the woodshed.
Guy one: Yo what’s yer ass fixin to do this weekend?

Guy two: Prolly do my Ph106 set cause that’s what I do every weekend.

Guy one: Fuck physics - git yer tits to the woodshed cause were mixin up some 9loko.

Guy two: Aight hoss, but this better not be some pussy quarter send.
by Migdal Kadanoff May 13, 2019
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AKA shedding, woodshedding is one of the most ambiguous jazz terms around (but the version I learned from old time players will be posted here). Sheddin is the act of intensely practicing your instrument after being publicly humiliated by your bad playing. This humiliation might be from a terrible solo or from not knowing the key the piece is played in (not being able to improvise in all keys). Shedding usually includes

This is derived from getting your ass beaten (with scraps from a woodshed).
I went down to a jam session at ----- about a month ago, and this other tenor player just tore my ass UP. So I shedded every day since, and I'm finally confident and able enough to play in public again. Ima tear this shit up, ya heard?! I went down to the woodshed.
by Jazzbo023211 September 2, 2007
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To store up ideas, experiences, pantry food for future use.
Using a tape recorder she woodsheds song ideas and melodies to work on later.
by Bruce Miller December 5, 2003
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1. To be given a spanking

2. To be taught a lesson, defeated, or embarrassed like you got spanked.
1. Boy 1: Why is Tommy rubbing his butt?
Boy 2: His Dad saw his report card and he got taken to the woodshed.
Boy 1: Ouch!

2. Biden got taken to the woodshed for going off script again.
by NoSugar April 11, 2022
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Wood shed is an outbuilding where the firewood was kept back in the olden days. Usually there was room inside for a couple of seats (unsplit logs) to facilitate smokin' & jokin'. However, it was also a convenient and enclosed space to deliver an ass-whuppin' in relative private without disturbing the better-behaved children of the house. These days a "woodshed moment" is not limited to a beating, and can apply to disciplinary conferences in an employer/employee relationship.
"What the...Brad botched the meeting and cost us a client! When he gets in we're going to have a woodshed moment."
by ChickenThe Cat October 10, 2018
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Take Jimmy to the Woodshed

A polite reference to one beating off one’s cock n balls with a feverish, almost abusive, spanking action.

I’m gonna take jimmy to the woodshed tonight when I get home.

I took jimmy to the woodshed several times last night. My nuts are drained.
by Dick Onchin October 22, 2020
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