John has a big woober.
by geinman September 8, 2013
Go way into the woods and look for people who live in shacks, those people are "Woobers".
by knarfy May 6, 2007
A word that should be used for population control. If someone makes cute names for their boyfriend they should be given herpes, via e-mail.
1. Oh god, she said it... 'woober' I think I'm going to vomit up my partially digested food.
2. "my boyfriend is suuuch a 'woober'" *giggle giggle snort* "that's fucking it, here you go:" gherpes.exe
by Jeff October 27, 2004
a cute nickname for your girlfriend dedicated to brandi smith from sam helton
i bought you this necklace for your birthday, my little woober.
by sam helton May 14, 2004
v. The state of being owned by a woob.
You have been wooberized!
by Wind May 8, 2003
The susiest sousmongus on the planet who can also be found on the 6th level of the backrooms.
Wow Moo Woober is soos. I have never seen anyone more soos, creamongus.
by Mr. Creamy cream May 26, 2022
A freshly used, still lubed, double ended dildo exceeding 2 foot in lenth.
Rylan just thought grandpa had a huge penis until he found mommy's woober!!!
by Lilrichard123 November 9, 2021