A response that a woman qualifies in order to protect the male ego.
When a female qualifies a confident response for the sole purpose of protecting the male ego.
Example 1: Corporate Environment

Male: I have a great idea. I can't believe we've never done this before.

Womansplain: I think we discussed something kind of similar about a year ago. I'm not sure I remember exactly what we decided, but maybe there were some problems with that idea and the local laws? I can see if I can find emails about it if you would like. (Translation: You presented the same bad idea last year and nothing has changed.)

Example 2: Home Environment

Man: Amazon doesn't do same day delivery in our area.

Woman: Sure they do.

Man: I know they do some places, but not in our area yet.

Womansplain: Maybe we should google it. I thought our neighbor mentioned using their same day delivery, but maybe I misunderstood what she was saying. Or maybe it's recently changed? (Translation: I'm 100% sure because my friend next door uses it ALL THE TIME.)
by Sharkie771 May 12, 2016
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When a woman attempts to explain what a man just said, often incorrectly.
And then Brooke womansplained why Mike wanted Susie to clean the bathroom, completely getting it wrong.
by JCena1977 February 11, 2021
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1) When a woman, talks down to (or lectures) a man, who was accused of talking down to a woman. See: hypocrite.

2) A typical female lecture, or state of nagging. A female’s way to proclaim moral superiority (even though sleeping with unlimited men, is supposedly liberating). intentionally humiliating or emasculating a male.
1) Her: I wish you would just, like, uhmm stop, like, mansplaining that I spent your money. You keep, like, telling me stuff that, like, I already know!

Me: Really? You’re going to womansplain that I don’t have the right to question what you spent my money on? You gold digging whore. Tits or GTFO!

2) Her: You men are so privileged. You’re lucky to have a catch me, because I’m a beautiful princess and you need to start treating me like one. Just remember, I can have any man here that I want!

Me: We’re at your family reunion! WTF are you talking about? If you’d stop womansplaining all the time, I wouldn’t treat you like an entitled, stuck up...
by Nick Harbeston April 17, 2020
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