Gue is indonesian slang word that can be meant as I, me, my, mine. Pronounce of gue is goo-eh
Itu Barang Gue ! -> That's my stuff !

Gue sebenernya suka sama dia -> I actually love her/him
Itu gue waktu di mall -> That was me when I visited mall
Itu punya gue ! -> That's mine !
by urbanesia May 14, 2021
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Acronym for 'Go Ugly Early'. A getting laid technique for men. Rather than spend an inordinate amount of time and money on a beautiful, or good-looking woman, in a bar, to Gue would be to pick out the ugliest woman and woo her early before all the guys who got shot down on better looking women come after her.
Male friend 1: Check out the hot chick over there, are you going to hit on her?

Male fried 2: Naw, I want a sure thing, so it's gue for me tonight.
by josjr March 10, 2007
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Pronounced gay

really lame, boring, or dumb.

Used the way teenage guys say it but not homophopic
Spanish class is so GUE with ue
by woobenater June 9, 2007
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Supposedly means "gay", usually used by someone who is in fact "gue" themselves.
Stern is gue. So are Don & Mike.
by BenKenobi May 23, 2003
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gue gue gue gue
flamingo: "Gue gue gue gue"
its just the sound a flmaingo makes
by yobev November 5, 2020
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Cool, good, rade; to exemplify the root word, such endings can be added; -tastic,-ish, -y, -ed, -ing, -rific, and the utlimate ending for supreme apeal is -lay.
That 1080 you hit off that jump was fuckin Gue, dude!
by murphcreatorofFC&Rooster January 27, 2004
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