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1. Purposefully or even professionally retard an idea, concept or thought process. This may be accomplished by such acts as flooding information pools with false data or limiting access to information resources.
Jill "55, 56, 57, 58..."
Jack "21, 47, 86, 14..."
Jill "Stop being a pretard and messing up my count."
by notyourfiend August 01, 2019
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To have or provide an alibi so airtight it would remove all doubt and vindicate even the devil.

See also Devil's Advocate , Devil's Plea
Tom: Hey Joe! Did you steal my stereo?

Joe: No way dude. It wasnt me.
Tom: How can I believe you after you stole all my porno's?
Joe: How about the fact we are currently standing in an airport next to a plane I just unboarded which came from Canada where I have spent the last 3 years? Is that a Devil's Alibi enough for you?
Tom: Hmm....yeah I guess so...
Joe: Oh and also I have the new HDDVDHDFDHD 9001 Nexus iOne at home you can come look for yourself
Tom: Yeah yeah I get it.
by notyourfiend August 15, 2019
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Explaining how a particular facet of life makes women victims at the fault of men.
Someone womansplaining: My boyfriend was too lazy to wash up so I had to do it. This is another example of how men are systemically oppressing women.
by notyourfiend January 07, 2018
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