To lay it on thick so to speak with words of admiration. To have strong feelings towards another. To crave someone or have lustful thoughts about them.
by LadyDanika December 17, 2015
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the act of dominating or embarrassing your opponent in a competition
*Rasheed crosses up his defender, gets past him, and dunks on him*
"Damn Rasheed is saucing that guy"

*Nick gets a Tactical Nuke in MW2 and calls it in*
"Nick just sauced all over our team"
by KevanOfHouseStark October 02, 2019
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To go behind a door of any kind and rub tomato sauce all over someone.
Man, last right I sauced (saucing) Tiffany. It was great.
by Dr.Sauce October 03, 2014
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In gay sex, the act of the top sprinkling hot sauce on his genitals and inserting them into the anus of the receptive (bottom) partner.
"Rob and Dave were going at it and decide to go saucing, and a few minutes later you could hear Dave yell from across the quad."
by Mike29401 September 23, 2020
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Another way for saying 'For sure'. Mainly originating in Southern California. Like saying 'of course'.
Dude, could I get your surfboard for the weekend? For sauce bro.
by MDawg175 February 13, 2017
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A popular term of endearment used to convey high approval and validation of someone and/or something.
Person 1: You got this bro, two more reps
Person 2: Fuck that, watch me do three!
Person 1: That's the sauce!
by Malvolo October 31, 2013
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