Short for doujinshi. Officially it means any independently published manga, but it's widely used around the interwebs to refer to hentai works.
Dave: Need to fap, give doujins please.
Bob: Go to pixiv and find some, ya filthy animal.
by Solarys January 3, 2018
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Japanese word which literally means a group of people with the same interests, but it is often used as a shorthand for doujinshi.
I'm getting some new doujin off of WinMX.
by SailorH May 25, 2003
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Shortened form of worddoujinshi/word.
by Sita Snape May 3, 2003
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Fan-made published versions of anime/manga. Almost always involves porn. The best one I can recommend to those new to these are Itachi x Sasuke, they make a hot yaoi couple.

Some doujins don't keep true to the original art style though. Stay away from those ones as they are stupid. Only doujins with the same art style (meaning they could be mistaken for the real thing) are acceptable!!
I've been reading doujin. I like the ones with Sasuke and his brother Itachi when they fuck and it shows them all naked and having sex.
by Hannibaltricepticle08 May 29, 2019
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Dōjin is a japanese word which is used to describe a group of people with same interests. here is it's kanji (同人). please get don't get it confused with Dōjinshi (同人誌) which is used to describe fanmade works which are created by people who have similar interests. while you may see these words used to describe Hentai manga but keep in mind that this is the traditional definition
Josh: I like that Doujin music alot!

james: yeah, me too!
by Zeliot November 16, 2020
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Holy tomes that must be followed in order to gain spiritual guidance
I touched myself while reading doujins and baptised myself in cum
by Reverend_Com August 16, 2003
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Normal events in everyone's everyday lives that in doujins lead to sex, rape, beastiality, etc.
unrealistically hot teacher: Timmy it seems you have failed sex ed once again . You'll have to stay after school for some one on one tutoring.

Timmy: um.. okay.

You can guess what happens next doujin logic.
by doujin masta January 24, 2012
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