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"GL" or "gl" in the manga, manhwa, manhua universe means literally girl's love. Which is a romance genre when both of the main characters are females. Often interpreted as "Yuri" for the Japanese community which means Lily. The fans of the genre are simply called Yuri enthusiast/fan. Another variant for the opposite sex is bl, which you already know it, means boy's love (I'm not into that).
Me: "Hey, did you read the gl manga I recommended you?"
Yuri fan: "Oh, Kimi ni Tsumugu Bouhaku? Heck yeah dude, that manga sure be vibin'!"
by Le Bruh December 27, 2020
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A slang word meaning source. Mainly in the comment section of a manga, Youtube, nh*ntai, etc.
69Ilovecoom: *posts 177013*
Somerandomdudeontheinternetgoingtogetanxiety: Sauce? Sauce?
by Le Bruh December 27, 2020
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A rarely used word. It's applied mainly to people at the comic's universe checking the manhwas, manhuas and mangas then posts their review of it. People mostly describe how good or shitty the webtoon really is.
Gahu_thehunta426: "You can go full on to this manhwa! I've seen only wholesome shit, so no probs there."
cArTidrgecore_oml: "Thanks scout, appreciate it. :)"
by Le Bruh January 06, 2021
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It's brothers and sisters with the word "manhwa", meaning a Korean visual comic. The only difference is that it's an 18+ version. It contains mature content such as sex. The male and female genitalia are always censored with a white glow hiding the explicit details of the penis and vagina. These pornhwas are massively distributed. The reason is that Korea bans the distribution and production of porn. People found that to get around this ban is to create content that is borderline porn but is still considered art. It features mainly Korean sauce. Sure is rare to find a good pornhwa, but there are great ones out there.
Reader: "Hey, the pornhwa Hari's Lumpy Boardhouse is so lewd!"
Friend: "I know right? It made me horny the whole time."
by Le Bruh January 06, 2021
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Korean sauce is a slang word meaning a "bad" pornhwa (it's not necessarily always pornhwas, sometimes it's manhwas as well). It is very similar to NTR or Netorare. It mainly implicates rape, incest, blackmail, cheating and all sorts of horrible things... It's for some reason often seen in the pornhwas nowadays (I don't know if Koreans likes this kind of thing). It's only mindless authors having nothing to do than rotting the poor souls of readers, it's the opposite of wholesome.
Scout: "Ain't liking this one, this crap is certified Korean sauce."
Reader: "Thanks a bunch! You saved me right there. Otherwise, I'd be rotting in Satan's horrible pit..."
by Le Bruh January 06, 2021
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They're illegal substances known as carbohydrates. This typical product gives you a high chance of getting diabetes and is only curable with a large dose of insulin found only in pharmacies. Sugar is found in wholesome manga, manhwa, manhua (never found one honestly) and webtoons. The disease (diabetes) will eventually come up if you read too much of these and will directly stab your heart while you're vomiting the excess sugar (the vomit is eventually rainbow. Censored, duh).
Weaboos are so affected by this dramatic situation that they take their time making memes to represent the pain and suffering they're receiving because they have no such thing as romantic partners. Seriously, don't read too much wholesome stuff. It'll make you lonely.

PS: I read them a lot, heh.
Weeb Reader: Urk! My kokoro is itai!
Normie Friend: Bro, wtf? Why the hell're you saying that?
Weeb Reader: I consumed too much sugar! G I V E M E I N S U L I N
by Le Bruh March 07, 2021
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