a traveling monster hunters for hire, gifted with unnatural powers
Geralt is a famous witcher.
by Gmosy July 19, 2015
A freakin cool game about a Witcher named Geralt of Rivia. A witcher is genetically engineered monster-killing machine!
U kill alot of monsters and fuck women! It's pretty funny^^
I love killing wraiths in the night and fuck hookers in the day^^ IM A WITCHER AND I LOVE IT!!!!
by Andreas the coolest February 25, 2008
the type of guy who likes to fuck magical beings in human form. ex a witch
dude i like being a witcher it makes me feel so good
by putang inang addik April 4, 2016
That mate in your group that takes on contracts to slay the ugly beasts found amongst a group of attractive women.
"Hey bra check out those snipes over there!"
"Yeah but it's too dangerous to make a move what if the one that looks like a cave troll goes for us"
"No worries man. Keith's a witcher. Buy hima few shots and he'll slay that beast"
by LodewijkV February 12, 2019
This game contains sexual themes, why not? I played the witcher while fapping to the heart content!!
by Operation_Quicksilver November 27, 2013
When you play with or interact with another man's anus while they are asleep or unconscious
Bro, Phil got completely witchered by Henry last night!
by BigBenis69 April 16, 2017
The worst thing you could ever play, because once you do, it'll ruin every other game for you.
"Whats wrong with Dick? He hasn't logged onto steam in a month"
"Oh you haven't heard? He played The Witcher 3"
"NO! Not Dick!"
"I'm sorry."
by Mr. Professor Johnson September 9, 2017