v. To rape and murder someone (especially a young girl in 1990)
If you don't shut up, I will come to your house and glennbeck your sister
by gwsuperfan September 09, 2009
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slang for venereal warts (condyloma acuminata radio mendacious) commonly manifested as fat, soft, moist, pink, or flesh-colored gorgons, typically in the genital area. They may be bloated, gasseous, small or smaller. They often combine to form a large cauliflower-shaped blowhard of a rushlimbaughlike node known to give off noxious gasses and peurile nonsense; the only known venereal disease resulting from terminal onanism
whoa, what's that on your blowhole- you've got glennbeck
by lexicali slim September 26, 2009
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1. v. To fabricate information to support an argument.

2. v. To draw an illogical conclusion from a series of premises that may or may not be true.

(1. and 2. can be modified to be used as a adjective, or adverb. see examples)

3. n. bullshit
1. These facts have been glennbecked.

2. He said that apples are red and dogs are 10 feet tall, therefore Progressives are killing America? Wow he glennbecked that one.

Adj. That old guy rants with glenbeckish fervor

Adv. Nothing he said made sense, he spoke very glennbeckishly

3. His argument was filled with glennbeck
by 3 Headed Monkey May 22, 2010
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A liquid form of feces expelled by sick or dieing animals.
My dog is real sick, it's ass exploded and i got spray painted by glennbeck.

I was real drunk and and shit my pants last night, there was glennbeck running down my leg.
by DogAssDrunkShitPants May 28, 2010
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to state that you want to kill someone in public.
Joe: I want to kill my English teacher, Mr. Moore.
Frank: Quiet,if someone heard you say that you would get kicked out of school and have a record.
Joe: Oh, I was just glennbecking.
by Reagan Santmyer July 24, 2006
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