The way Microsoft finds out that your copy of Windows is pirated
"Windows Update" has determined that your installation key is not valid, and therefore setup cannot proceed. Contact your system administrator for more information.
by DaveK September 7, 2003
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The thing I always cancel, yet seems to appear with a message when I shut down that says Windows Update "(not responding)"
Oh damn, windows update is not working again. Who Cares. "Would you like to send an error report?" Hell no!
by michiganwolverine February 2, 2004
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a method of legitimately abstaining from doing any form of productive work
Boss: Hows that report coming on?
Slacker: Just doing a quick windows update
by mister November 12, 2003
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Windows update How would you like us to waste your time today?
by The man October 19, 2001
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(n.) - A utility installed on most newer Windows OS's, which is used for simple minded folk to easily ""fix"" the holes in common windows programs.
i. Bob doesn't understand how to update his computer in a proper manner, so he uses windows update instead.
by Agent Spork November 13, 2003
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also known as a privacy intrusion, to see how big of a p***y you are. think about the definition versus the pronunciation.
I downloaded a windows update today about a virus that targeted only windows users. Once I downloaded this, i got various error messages saying how scared and afraid i was and how worthless i am to the empire of microsoft, comrade. the virus coudln't possibly be as bad as the updates.
by the_pwner January 29, 2004
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