Person 1: What were you doing at the dance last night?
Person 2: You should have seen me on the dance floor, I was willin' it!
by WackMack May 5, 2015
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Alan:Man i was so illin this weekend
Bri: Man you be willin
by Alan May 6, 2004
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(n.) a property of a word that makes it very hard to pronounce.
You can see the willin fillin in the word "willin fillin" because of the i and l characters' similar appearance.
by Bowler - PKP September 12, 2011
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Marc Willins is an upcoming superstar with a personality you could never forget. He is iconic although inappropriate at times. He really wants a sugar daddy and spends way too much time on Royale High. Although annoying marc is my best friend <3 :)
Maddy - Did you see Marc willins on drag race last night?
Cassie - Yeah he was amazing i definitely think he will win!!
by nickelodeonfinatic March 29, 2022
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Crazy or wild

A word that Travis thinks is spelled Wilin’ but there are two L’s.
“That episode of the office is willin’!”
“My and my friends are willin’ this Weekend!”
by Joewalshluver July 1, 2019
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