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Daniya is a fiery girl with wit and intelligence. She fights all the haters (some may even say dab on them). A beautiful girl with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, beating everyone in the class. Possible knick names include: dana, dan schneider and daniya al she wants a dadi.
Who won the pop quiz?? It was Daniya of course!!
by nickelodeonfinatic June 25, 2021
Marc Willins is an upcoming superstar with a personality you could never forget. He is iconic although inappropriate at times. He really wants a sugar daddy and spends way too much time on Royale High. Although annoying marc is my best friend <3 :)
Maddy - Did you see Marc willins on drag race last night?
Cassie - Yeah he was amazing i definitely think he will win!!
by nickelodeonfinatic March 29, 2022
Chloe White is an amazing friend with a big heart. Queen of WHATTTTTT!!!!! Loves sparky with all her heart. Harry potter lover and ppl watcher. Watch out you just may get a text from - A (she is emily)
Did you see that film that Chloe White produced??
by nickelodeonfinatic March 29, 2022