A person who is just neutral just doesnt really do anything at all.
You are such a williamson, your really not doing anything at all.
by naadwizzle August 19, 2009
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the word is used to describe something that smells like old cabbage.
Dude, that girl Becca totally was pulling a williamson last night.
by Jennifer Deweese September 29, 2005
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A wonderful little town in Wayne County bordering Sodus New York, Ontario New York and Marion New York. It is on Lake Ontario, and the closest city is Rochester New York. Everyone loves Williamson.
I would much rather live in Williamson that any other town in Wayne County.
by Chigglywiggly March 21, 2007
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To lecture and pontificate. To have one standard for oneself though a different one for others, especially those of a lower socio-economic standing.
I have a large TV and take holidays. But, as a Williamson, do other (unwashed) people really need to do the same?
by NicP May 10, 2006
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usually a name given to sexy asians who will grow up to be able to do awesome treflips on their skateboards. they kind of like to talk dirty and have interests in mexican girls. they always think they are fat when they are only a twig. they like to text A LOT and they have two sides.
A gangsta side,
And of course a nerd side cuz they are usually asian.
person 1: "Dayumm, look at that asian skater do his treflip!"
person 2: "His name must be williamson."
by williamsonisasian September 12, 2010
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When you move from New York to New Orleans in less than a second.
Person: Woah that guy just got Zion Williamson’ed.
by RaptorsForLife17 May 25, 2019
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