Having a wilf, a hissy fit over something.

having a fit, asin being a dick over an event that didnt go your way
"for fuck saaake why always me!"

"calm down pal, stop having a wilf"
by lbg November 09, 2012
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A total loser

Someone who can calculate the cubic capacity of a tin of beans but is unable to work the tin opener.


A four letter abusive expletive you can use in public because nobody knows what it means
That GordenBrown is a total WILF

Brian got pissed last night and acted like a total WILF

You're acting like a WILF
by guzzigeezer December 09, 2009
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stands for William I'd Like to Fuck. generally used when you know a will or a william. can be used for just a generally fit guy who you feel like interacting with.
oh daaaaymn, he is a full-on WILF!
by emmaakins June 08, 2010
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