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11 definitions by Photon

A term used to characterize most bosses of the King of Fighters series (and other SNK fighting games).

It is characterized by
1. The characters having unusually high damage and priority in their moves.

2. Annoying, repetitive A.I. which reads the input of the opponent's moves in advance.

3. Can only be beaten with the use of stupid patterns (most of the time).
Damn man, Rugal has a really bad case of SNK boss syndrome.
by Photon October 6, 2003
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The Japanese fetish of cute girls kicking men in the testicles, usually quite hard. Most fans of it enjoy the loud "Slap!" sound made when a good karate kick hits home.
My best friend Joe regrets the loss of his genetilia due to the tamakeri experiments he conducted with his girlfriend.
by Photon December 7, 2003
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Humorous Internet bastardization of the word "penis".
I like men with big pnrz!
by Photon September 21, 2003
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The boss of the game King of Fighters 2001. He is a beast to defeat ( he makes use of fucking huge fireballs ;_;)Girly member of NESTS who wants to be a god.
Is this the end... of loveable Igniz?
by Photon October 6, 2003
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JPop idol from the King of Fighters series. Also known as the cum guzzling whore in the Saigado adult comic series, and for her ear splitting voice (PSYCHOBALL!)
Athena Asamiya is Kensou's bitch
by Photon October 11, 2003
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Term used when an especially difficult task (for example, beating a mindnumbingly difficult boss in a videogame) has been accomplished, usually after several tries and bouts of frustration.
by Photon October 6, 2003
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