The reason why actually having a WIDE GENERAL KNOWLEDGE isn't cool anymore.
"You don't know who Rasputin was, do you?"
"Yes, I do. He was a Russian peasant who claimed to have special powers, and fooled the czar into thinking he is healing his son, while he was only using him to gain power and women and control."
"Nice! Are you a Russian, like me? Because there's no way you could have learned it at school."
"No, I just read it on Wikipedia"
by Urban_Fellow August 28, 2007
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"You get what you pay for."

A nice try by self absorbed kids that truly believe if it isn't ancient history, about yu gi ho cards, garage bands they heard of, or their high school records, it doesn't belong in Wiki.
Wikipedia wants to delet Hanukkah Harry next! A 16yr appointed to editor 2 weeks ago old deleted Jewsmas. Shame of WikiRacists!
by SinisterSister September 21, 2006
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An online encyclopedia project where anyone (registered or UNregistered users alike) can change the content at will. Often used by grade, high school or college students who don't want to write and research their own assignments and who don't care if the facts are accurate in any way.
Yo, this term paper's gotta be FIVE pages??? Unfair!!! But, no prob, Bob, I'll just copy and paste it outta Wikipedia right before class!
by Tommyt June 27, 2007
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widely known as the main contributor to Attention Deficit Disorder
Jason: Hey did you find the info about Chemical bonding on Wikipedia!?

Weining: Yahh.. but i forgot what I was looking for already, i kept on pressing the blue coloured links and now im reading about Power Rangers
by the_offspringz October 06, 2008
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The nasty new face of internet censorship. Bans anyone with actual knowledge of a subject and deletes articles about sites that criticise or parodies it. Nothing more than a tool to push the American POV and "American" (lol) English as being the correct form.
Editor-"Mr Wales, why do you ban people who have actual knowledge?"

Jimbo Wales (owner of wikipedia) - "because they upset my legion of 13 year old admins and makes them feel inferior"

by Were all doomed February 05, 2007
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