1) hook
2) house
Tyrell: "What are you gonna do with LaTanya tonight?"
Jameel:"I'm fin' to take her to da Waffle House for dinner then I'm gonna take dat ho back to da heezy (2) and heezy (1) up wit dat."
Tyrell: "Of da heezy (1), nigga."
Jameel: "Fo' sheezy."
by Nick D April 23, 2004
(1)Yo that shiznit was of tha heezy!
(2)Hey lets go back to da heezy.
by Chris October 21, 2004
Another way a sayin thats off da chain
Thats the heezy ma neezy fo' sheezy
by F*** U!!! March 28, 2003
"hate a breezy who give HEEZY like she lickin some zags" - Mac Dre
by Entoxica January 4, 2005
yo man. i just bounced that ball off yo' heezy for reezy
by bangawang October 15, 2003
hook in the sense of expectation or expected projection
She jumps so far off the heezy, she lands right on another heezy. (Rolling Stone)
by David Lee WIlson November 8, 2005