A free online open-source encyclopedia that unfortunately falls prey to the pseudo-intellectual pimply obese 12 year olds who so often become moderators on internet forums. While the idea of everyone in the world compiling their knowledge into one source is pretty good, the fact that anybody can edit anything and that what classifies as a "neutral point of view" is decided by opinionated teenagers prevents Wikipedia from being a legitimate encyclopedia and maintains its role as a dumping ground for useless anime trivia and pointless facts about final fantasy characters. While it shouldn't be hard to touch up and change the more opinionated and useless articles, "Wikipedians" would much rather debate the most pointless and trivial details of whatever the situation is than actually fix anything.
My teacher wouldn't let me use Wikipedia because she said it didn't count as a real encyclopedia.
by TheWalrus December 22, 2007
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A Nazi-infected corner of the web. Most incidences involve blocking without reason, administrator abuse, and flame wars.
I was editing Wikipedia and this guy blocked me for no reason.
by Deathgleaner May 08, 2010
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Originally a parody of Uncyclopedia, Wikipedia has grown into the world's largest MMOAEG (Massively Multiplayer Online Article Editing Game,) boasting millions of subscribers and over two million individual realms or 'Articles' in which you can play.

The object of Wikipedia is to make as many edits as possible, as you quest through from the most simple low level articles on insects and bovines to vastly complex articles on the nature of the universe. The final challenge created by the moderators is an article on Wikipedia itself.

'Powerleveling' is a serious problem in Wikipedia, leading to many arguments over comma placement, spelling, and whether 42 really is the answer to life the universe and everything.

Countless lives have been ruined by Wikipedia; as players, or 'editors' as they call themselves, neglect their families and friends.

Of course wikipedia can benefit lives as well. Many uneducated teenagers see Wikipedia as 'leet hax' which they can use to circumvent study, where they are secretly being tricked into reading an encyclopedia. Contrary to unpopular belief, Wikipedia is technically an encyclopedia, although it it edited many millions of extra times.
Stupid Kid One: Dude, like check out my paper on the industrial revolution. I'll like get an A for sure. Pwnt.

Stupid Kid Two: LOL, moron, you put like this comma in the wrong place. I would know since I just copied my paper off of Wikipedia last week.

Stupid Kid One: OMG dude, like I did that too, but I just copied it last night! LOL, KRINKT!

Wife: Come to bed honey... I need your opinion on a new outfit I bought (;

Editor: Not now I've almost beat this article. Also you spelled ;) wrong.
by Alisson June 17, 2008
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Internet-based free content encyclopedia that provides entries submitted by regular Internet users, thus covering topics and issues more often ignored by the scholarly print-based encyclopedias. Not everything can be submitted, and there are policies and guidelines that must be followed. Is a distant relative to urbandictionary.com in that they are both free content Internet databases.
Wikipedia has an extensive listing of every major Harry Potter character. Even Luna gets a good-sized entry.
by Paul Wartenberg January 06, 2004
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An online dictionary where anyone in the world can pretend to edit an article and then have it promptly reversed by an administrative editor (AKA wiktator) someone else in the world.
This allows Wikipedia to become a compendium for all the worlds knowledge, assuming the world's only residents are Wikipedia editors.
"ISIS published their complete plans for all their terrorist attacks this coming year on Wikipedia, but a wiktator removed it because it was unsourced."
by ADHDfidget May 03, 2017
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Wikipedia is the academic equivalent of asking your friend or a group of your friends for information on a subject. Sometimes you get really smart insightful intelligent answers and sometimes you get complete garbage.
Simulation of asking wikipedia/a friend a question:

Hey, who was Robert Murdoch anyway?
Oh, hes that guy that owns Fox News and burger king or something in Australia I think. He was on the simpsons that time, remember?
by xenoprano April 22, 2007
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A free online encyclopedia that knows EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING. IT knows ALL.
There isn't anything that wikipedia doesn't know
by Prince Leviticus November 12, 2004
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