An acconym used by Discowrld fans to commemorate people who have passed on. The origin is the novel Going Postal by Sir Terry Pratchett, in which semaphore operators send the names of their fallen comrades back and forth along the semaphore system, known as the clacks, with this code attached.

The code translates as follows:
G: General broadcast, send in all directions
N: Do not log the mmessage
U: Sent the message back when it reaches the end of the line

By sending the code and the name the operators are asking to keep the persons name cycling the system for ever. Similar to the notion that a person is never gone while others still speak their name.
by marsbargirl March 14, 2018
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GNU Is and acronym for “Greater Nordic Unite”

GNU Is and underground group of freedom fighters From the 3 great Nordic countries.
Norway Finland and Denmark. There main goal is to Get rid of those pesky Swedes. Witch are lazy commies.

When there goal is completed Sweden will be divided up. The North West will be Norwegian territory. The North East will be Finish territory. The south will be Danish territory.
Pirka:Hey where are you from?
Arne:I'm from Norway,
Pirka:I love the norwegians. I'm From Finland
Arne:thx I love the great people of Finland Too!
Pirka: You know what i hate?
Arne: What?
Pirka guess!
Arne: Swedes?
Pirka: Right! You hate swedes too?
Arne: Yea I hate those faggots!
Pirka: You should join the GNU!
Arne: What is that?
Pirka: Check out They got all the information you need.
by Jokke April 13, 2006
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GNU, not a word this time, but a TLA (three letter acronym). You’ve been searching for a word to use instead of he or she or him or her?


For those that do not identify as a woman or a man, male or female, or even as a human (or huwoman obviously).


Gender Neutral Unit.
Used in educational machinery guides, it allows the reader to concentrate on the content, rather than, for example, which pieces might dangle into the mechanism of a tea bagging machine, “when cleaning the machine of tea dust , the operative must make sure that all GNU dangling parts are tucked into a hair net, attention must be paid to GNU personal cleanliness at all times”.

One can safely point out an amusing person to ones chums and shout, “look at the state of GNU!” Safe in the knowledge that no one will shout back, “I’m a man!” or, “I don’t identify as a woman!”.
by MissJelly August 12, 2019
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The GNU Project was launched in 1984 to develop a complete Unix-like operating system which is free software: the GNU system. (GNU is a recursive acronym for "GNU's Not Unix")

Variants of the GNU operating system, which use the kernel Linux, are now widely used; though these systems are often referred to as "Linux", they are more accurately called GNU/Linux systems.
by William Ducklow October 30, 2003
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a godlike entitity often associatted with a good penguin
Guy1:all hail Gnu
Guy2:whats a Gnu
*lightning strikes Guy2*
Guy1:lol Nub
by sicksock September 13, 2006
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The "gnu" or "wildebeest" is a large migratory antelope weighing from 350 to 550 pounds that is native to the grassy plains and open woodlands of Southern, Central, and eastern Africa. Both male and female gnus have rugged hair and two curved horns.
"Pa, come quick like, dem stampaydin wild'beets 'gain be innar back yard !"
by Raven Morris October 12, 2004
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