The feeling that you experience after someone walks in on you playing a game with the Wii's motion-sensing controller.
I felt very Wii-tarded after my wife walked in on me swordfighting with the Wiimote in my underwear.
by Voyager July 16, 2006
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Adjective used to describe the name of Nintendo's fourth-generation game console, previously given the badass codename "Revolution."
Nintendo went bankrupt because they chose a wiitarded name for their latest game console.
by Sonobovich May 01, 2006
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Someone who doesn't know anything there is to know about the wii.
"That guy just asked me how much the Wii is. He must be wiitarded."
by JimmyBobby December 02, 2007
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someone who is mentally challenged as well as racist. We all know what retarted means. and i am sure most of you have seen the very asian racist Wii comercials, where the yellow skinned, pointy eyed japanease people say with a very obviously fake japanease accent "wii would like to play" while giving a stiff bow with hands folded in a very asian like way.

conrad: hey look i can speek mexican!!! "Taco burrito chihuahua gracias gracias!" duuurrrr
Jordan: conrad, you are Wii-tarded!
conrad: Look im asian! "Ching ching bing bing king kong sing song ring rong
ping pong tsiau mtsiau ntsiau mitsubishi honda toyota toshiba ding ding ding"
Jordan: Conrad, you are almost embarrasingly Wii-tarded
by A$hley Jacobs December 07, 2007
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a person dedicated to playing the Nintendo Wii.
Hey Isiah, you coming over tomorrow?
No! Gotta go a play my Wii
Your so wii-tarded.
by Brittney Sade December 09, 2006
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-adjective 1. characterized by wii-tardation: a wii-tarded child.

-adjective 2. characterized by the inability to wield two separate and completely different controllers to perform simple tasks in popular video game systems made by Nintendo.

ยจCnoun 3. (used with a plural verb) physically wii-tarded persons collectively (usually prec. by the): new schools for the wii-tarded.
Usage: I could tell by the way he held the controllers that boy was clearly Wii-tarded.

Common Usage: "Man that guy is so Wii-tarded, he can't even walk across the lake and attack something in Zelda."
by Hudd December 05, 2006
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