Article of clothing worn by white trash or thugs. Usually has food and beer stains and is two sizes to small.
Chicks dig Wife Beaters at dive bars and Nascar races.
by NateJ3000 October 14, 2019
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750ml bottle of beer in Australia.
also see king brown
slipped into some wife beaters last night was a fucking nice drop too
by earthlover42 June 27, 2005
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Dan zimmermans favorite clothes. usually wore under two shirts sometimes a mothballed jacket. j
Dan dan zimmerman wo wo wo wo wife beater.
by kyle sb November 28, 2007
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a sleeveless t-shirt also known as a muscle T, a guinea T or aa singlet.
Kieran McWha and Donnie Whyte, wifebeaters.
by vgrjgivf April 09, 2011
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A bum that wears Wal-Mart quality tank tops. Hits women and uses them as punching bags. Usually named Ray or Adrian or Chris Brown
by Woman disrespecter November 17, 2017
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1. A man/woman (whatever you're into) who beats their wife.
2. A kind of shirt worn by above said people.
1. Jorge: Hey, Bill! How was your wife last night?

Bill: Yeah, she didn't want my big, hard cock last night. So I became a wife beater.

2. Can I borrow your wife beater, bro?

Nah, sorry, it's my life blood man. I gotta wear it for a certain occasion tonight.
by BillyFriedCakes November 18, 2018
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A shirt most commonly worn by men, that has straps and is composed of semi-elastic fibers. Usually seen on men with beer-bellies that are known to practice domestic violence, hence their name
Those Hanes wife beaters are nice man, how much were they?
by R3alities January 26, 2017
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