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A shirt most commonly worn by men, that has straps and is composed of semi-elastic fibers. Usually seen on men with beer-bellies that are known to practice domestic violence, hence their name
Those Hanes wife beaters are nice man, how much were they?
by R3alities January 27, 2017
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A class or course so simple and passable that it's as easy as beating your wife.
Hey Bro, did how was ECON 101?

That class was literally a wife beater course my guy.
by Rom Tunde C*ck June 10, 2022
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Looking and just guessing by the way they behave ( especially to females ) will make you say oh yeah he/she is a wife beater , thus wife beater energy.

Another level to black air force energy
Idk nigga
Damn you see treated her !? Oh he he different he got wife beater energy
by Struggler Indeed August 1, 2022
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Having a longer second toe than big toe, giving one a genetic predisposition to beat one's wife.
I wasn't surprised when I found out John choked Sally the other weekend. I saw him in sandals once and noticed his wife beater's toe was notably elongated.
by Richard Kimble February 11, 2011
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