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Receiving a hand job, with the aid of Panama Jack tanning oil as a lubricant.
Bro, me and Tina were at the beach yesterday, it was basically a dead scene, I had a couple beers and she hooked me up with a Panama Jack.
by sanfred June 18, 2011
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A cinematic archetype of douchey villains, mainly white dudes, set in a tropical location that greedily look for some treasure or secret ruins, because cash money, and will stop at nothing to get it. Marked by wearing full white suits or khaki and cargo everything, and often a handsome, slick silver fox with the business tenacity of Warren Buffet and an obsession with some ancient history, and optionally a dank mustache.
Yo bruh you remember Clayton from the original Tarzan?
Aw yeah, he’s a classic Panama Jack, great movie.
by Mustang44 April 10, 2019
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The krunkest,chillest,down to earth mofo to ever walk to the planet. Represents his town (just outside of philly), his school, and his crew (T-Money, Mo-Freeze, D-Cole, Snacks, B-Ford, JC, Big Dane,Hassal,PK). If you ever meet this man you should bow down to him like he is a legend that needs to be worshiped. He does everything for his boys and will never let them down. Everything from driving his boys gf to the nail salon to going to "UREC" with the boys.
one of the boys: yo have you meet this kid
an incredibly hot JMU girl: no who is he
one of the boys: He is the One and Only Panama Jack
by Jeff-JMU February 01, 2007
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