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Strange mangy stinky Vagina and or Anus cavity region.

Produces a non-inviting/non-friendly odor. Can often be smelled through the pants.
Man that chicken head had some Stange the other night.

Bro, believe me, you don't want none of that Stange.
by U.P.B. February 28, 2011
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Disease: Medical Term:
Form of Swine fever affecting only the buttocks area of pigs.
Corruption of Sty Mange.
Caused by sitting in seats at Bramhall Lane too long waiting for a goal.
Effecting the out layer of skin on piggie buttocks.
Producing sores, reddening of the area and massive swelling.
Also known as: Sty Rash; Sty Mange; Blade Mumps; Blange.
It's a sad case Doctor.
He was sat so long at the sty, waiting for the Blades to score, his buttocks have swollen and he's now suffering from Stange.
by UTO November 18, 2004
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