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the pimpest pet that a person can have. wiener dogs look like hot dogs with legs. they are awesome and will bite your ankles if you are an asshole cow fucker.
dude that wiener dog just bit hillary clintons ankle.
by masta blasta April 04, 2008
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This is the cleaned up highly edited version of my original post that was rejected by editors possibly because of mild cuss words.

A. A breed of dog known as the Dachshund. It comes in both standard and miniature sizes. Their coats range from shorthair to longhair. Some are aloof to strangers and save their love for their owners. If socialized properly they will be very friendly to most BUT NOT ALL STRANGERS.

B. An affectionate term used by dachshund owners due to the breed looking like a hot dog on a bun.

C. Sometimes used as a derogatory term by people who don't like this breed of dog.

D. A word that makes former dachshund haters angry. These people are worse than former cat haters and are very defensive of this breed.
A man who formerly hated dachshunds is seen walking a female longhaired miniature dachshund down the street. The dog is strutting because she is proud of her new owner, loves him tremendously, and in dog language is saying "Look at us." "This is my new human and I love him."

The owner meets up with his friends. They start needling him. The one says " Yer old lady got a wiener dog and now she is MAKING you walk." " You have turned in to a pathetic wuss."

The man picks up the Idiot who made that remark by the lapels of his shirt and has his feet dangling in the air." The dachshund has flipped from happy to angry and is nipping at the victims heels. The dachshund owner says " First off you will NO call my dachshund a wiener dog again." Secondly I just had an argument with me wife." " We were arguing because she wanted to walk the dog and I wanted to walk her too." Third off you (Censored) do you ever wonder why you are 50 years old and can't keep a wife or a girlfriend for any length of time?"At that point the idiot finally makes the first right decision he's made in a long time. He apologizes. They have been friends for a long time and he does not want to hear what his friend thinks of his ability to keep a woman.
by OneWhoKnowsBetter December 20, 2012
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Wienerdog is someone who bears the name Lena.
hey, my name is wienerdog;would you like to be a special person club member?
by lj March 27, 2005
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