unbearable pain from the soul that you feel directly in your heart
why am i going through this why me
by BumStatusYo December 11, 2018
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because you deserve nothing
me:why me?
chad:because you deserve nothing
by imafailureipromise November 15, 2021
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something I ask myself everyday, I never get an answer so you're not getting one, either.
by inksquiddo September 1, 2021
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1. What you usually say when your girlfriend,wife or mother

tells you to take out the trash right when the play of the week comes up.

2. What you say when your calc teacher gives you a quiz.
1. TV: And the play of the week is....

Bitch: GK take out the trash please!

GK: Why Me God?

2.Ms.Hctib: Happy Monday class! Time for a pop quiz!

GK: Why Me God?
by gk339 June 22, 2009
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Is a bruh moment when u get oposed by a threat and u feel sad
Jon:u are dumb

Marry:why why me

Jon:Im sorry i didn't mean it
by Ruckmonth October 8, 2019
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Inspired by ex Prem legend Mario Balotelli, 'Why Always Me' is used when a person feels that something has gone against them. It can be said in frustration, or sheer sadness at the bad luck you feel you have just experienced.
Graham quickly goes to drink his glass of water, having sustained a brutal thirst on this hot summer day. As he goes to take a sip, he drops the glass and spills it all over his chest. leaving him drenched and embarrassed. "Why always me?" says an obvious saddened, fed up and moist Graham.
by TheOfficalMario February 25, 2013
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ain't nothin' but a heartache
ain't nothin' but a mistake
I ain't never wanna hear you say
i WaNt iT tHaT wAYYyYyYYyYy
by my stinky butt December 14, 2019
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