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White briefs, sometimes including brown stains, also known as skid marks. Some famous manly men that wear whitey tighties include:
-Vin Diesel
-Billy Ray Cyrus
-That mouse in the nutcracker

The term "tighty whitey" is not only incorrect but inferior. Whitey tighty is the proper term for white briefs.
Damn, look at those whitey tightys on Piccolo's head!

Oops, I spilled some pop on the carpet. Use my whitey tightys to mop it up.

What kind of moron thinks that tighty whiteys are actually whitey tightys.
by xxxNarutoxxx May 16, 2009
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If you are a boy or man it is the first kind of underwear your mother bought you. White and tight, you didn't have anything yet to be proud of, so they were ok. But then you grew, and you were wearing the same underwear at 13 or 14 that you were wearing when you were 10. "Mom, I need some new underwear!" "They still look good, honey, you sure you need new ones?" "Mom, I've had the same underwear since I was 10, you know." "Oh I know, honey, I will get you some new ones, next paycheck, you say you still wear 10s, honey?" then I only hear screaming.
Hey, honey, if them whitey tightys, get any tighter, you voice ain't neva gunna change.
by Guido1 March 04, 2008
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