Residents living between california and new york in rural areas and usually live in trailer parks, low income, like to hunt, most importantly are deeply religious in anything their neighbors are deeply religious with and vote for George W. Bush. More than likely dumb as a stump. Also carry many knives even when not hunting....and a flashlight.
George W. Bush is the epitome of white trash that somehow cheated his way through an ivy league school and thanks to his father achieved presidential status.
by Robobobobob September 06, 2006
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An American social subculture, particularly poor as heck white people, who reproduce like rabbits without the money to raise kids in a decent environment. They are completely ignorant of birth control—even condoms and don’t give a dam about the welfare of children if they have them. Heck, they are ignorant, period, and don’t have much of an education. They probably live on GOV aid in the form of welfare or food stamps and sometimes use the money to pay for alcohol, tobacco, drugs or just sleezy sex. If they don’t live on GOV aid, they probably work a minimum wage career that doesn’t require any skills like being a checkout clerk, a bagger in a store, collecting shopping carts or even a bar-bouncer if the guy is buff enough. Many live in trailerparks, but also in rundown apartments or government subsidized housing. They can frequently be seen shopping their favorite store—Walmart and most of the men won’t hesitate to wear their wifebeater shirt in the store without a second thought. They usually couldn’t care any less about hygene and it even shows on their children. They are often dirty and smelly, while the men with facial hair don’t shave making it look as though their beard/mustache has collected crumbs.
Whitetrash are about the only American commodity we will never run out of.
by krock1dk March 17, 2008
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People who are inconsiderate of their neighbors and put garbage, like old bicycles and cars in front of their house as lawn decorations. Generally uneducated and are breeders. Also tend to have one or two mentally slow siblings in the family. They buy used, shit cars and also take government handouts. Usually, if employed, work menial jobs like child care (baby sitting) or raking leaves for the town's public works department.
The Schlosses are such white trash, how do you like their front lawn? They painted and old bicycle which is now the centerpiece of their hillbilly garden.
by J. Harrier April 21, 2004
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a low class male or female of limited intelligence who resorts to handling their petty relationship issues publicly in wal-mart.
your boyfriend claims that he's not white trash and yet he insists on fighting me in the middle of the store?
by joelv September 03, 2010
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Usually refers to a low class white individual who pretends to be better than they are. They go on lavish vacations while their cars are being repossessed. They typically have daughters who give birth before marriage. Many white trash families consist of many children of different fathers. They often live in mobile homes.
White trash often takes credit for every little thing they do, in order to feel better about themselves. It is important to them that they be thought of as upstanding in family and community even though they have never done anything of real value. These people will often blow off any friends they make of true upper standing because they can't stand to see themselves compared, or try to make upperclass friends in order to be thought of by outsiders as being of the same class.
White trash often have their utilities shut off on one late payment because of poor payment history. This usually happens because the money was spent on a large ticket item they couldn't afford to begin with.
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Usually a meth cooker who lives in a trailer park community they usuall name their kids random names like Bear Coon dog and skiller. Thet usually have mullet mohawks and ride in shitty chevy pick ups
Yelawolf, Scotty Davis, anyone from West Virginia, Cris Bosh, Larry the Cable Guy, Dog the BountyHunter, anyone from Nigeria and is white, Marriott Davis, and Davis Moore, White Trash
by WhiteBoyzindaHood July 13, 2012
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One who lives in the town of Plymouth, NY. A town where most of the residents are related and inbred. When a White Trash kid is born, his/her father is usually not present and his name isn't on the child's birth certificate. A White Trash person is usually creepy and wears over sized hand-me-downs from their parents. The most popular sport among white trash people is NASCAR, but 99% of the spectators at monster truck rallies are white trash.
Craig: "Hey, have you seen that creepy kid?"

Justin: "Yeah! He's really white trash."
by FrozenBrain March 29, 2010
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