When a white female bodied person realizes that what they said was blatantly racist and begins to panic, defend said statement and cry until she has garnered sympathy and pity for her plight purely by virtue of social love of milky white skin and the ideal of white barbie womanhood
white woman: i say the n word all the time because it makes me closer to black people.
poc: thats pretty racist
white woman: i cant be racist! Im a lesbian! *insert disarming white woman tears*
by c. jarelle August 24, 2008
She's thinks she's drinking white man tears, but she's really drinking white male semen
by My name is ???? December 11, 2022
She thinks she's drinking white male tears, but she's actually dreaming of white male semen
by My name is ???? December 11, 2022
White tears are produced by white women to manipulate situations so that their issues are favored over others. Usually used when they are being called out on their poor behavior. White Tears are seen as weapons to marginalized groups. White Tears are also used to play the victim card.
Sara, a white girl, called the cops on Monica, a black girl, because Monica confronted Sara for stealing from her, and as soon as the cops pulled up, Sara began to cry. Also known as white tears.
by SaveUs September 1, 2022
when a man takes his penis and cums in a womens eye balls. this is also sometimes called cum drops
last night gary gave me white tears
by cum_mums October 16, 2021
A way of presenting a first-world problem of white-skinned people in meme-language.
if the captions say "white tears", you know you've been racially assaulted.jk. You know it had to do something with the skin color, or with the racial history, or with some other differences that come with races.

or : a racist slogan of the approach of a black skinned racist group.
if such a group and such an approach exist...
"insert text that praises some difference of black skinned people in comparison to the white skinned." + "Dem white tears" or so..
by Khanon November 29, 2018